Jim Houser was born in 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where he currently resides. He is a self-taught artist and an honorary founding member of the Philly-based artist collective Space1026. Houser’s installations create a mapping system, cataloguing his thinking . His work explores the cadence of speech, science and science fiction, sickness and disease, plants and animals, time travel, ghosts , the art of children and the gravity of fatherhood , codes and code breaking, music and music making .

Through Houser’s signature style of visual poetry and personal iconography, the artist extends his practice of self-examination to include the topic of art making itself. Works  serve to consider Houser’s relationship to the artwork he creates, the compulsion to create it and how his lifestyle has been formed, consequently. Houser’s collages become visual poems through which he cathartically communicates his most private thoughts and emotions with surprising candor. By cataloging his experiences and feelings through a unique pictorial language, the artist creates his own brand of curative iconography. Houser’s aesthetic often mixes stylized figures, hand-drawn typography and geometric shapes, creating quilt-like collages in a cohesive color palette.

Houser layers acrylic on wood, fabric and found objects, blurring the lines between collage and sculpture. Once combined, it becomes clear that all of his works are associative and directly related. This deceptively dimensional quality is further highlighted when the pieces are assembled into one of the artist’s elaborate installations, adding to the complexity of each individual piece by emphasizing a greater inter-connectivity to the body of work as a whole.Houser’s collages, paintings and installations have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Brazil. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and he Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art.


2014 A Postion On A MAP , Galleria PAtricia Armocida , Milan , Italy

2013 Search Party Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY

 2012 AS Quiet As Its Kept , LeBasse Projects , Los Angleles , CA 

 2011 VOLTA-NY 2011. Booth v6, presented by Jonathan LeVine Gallery. New York, NY

 2010 The Homebody. Subliminal Projects. Los Angeles, CA

 2010 The Pregnant Pause. Monster Children Gallery. Sydney, Australia

 2009 Make Room For The Emptiness. Jonathan LeVine Gallery. New York, NY

 2009 The Tip of the Sword. Galeria Patricia Armocida. Milan, Italy

 2008 Created by Moonlight. Colette Galerie. Paris, France

 2008 Mere Inches. Merry Karnowsky Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

 2007 asobviousasaskull, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY

 2007 This Beating Heart Acts as a Timer, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

 2006 This Place is Ours Now, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 2005 systemsanderrors, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY

 2005 Babel, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

 2001 Paint and Destroy, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

 2000 Gaper Delay, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

 1999 Earthman, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

 1998 Jim Houser, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA



 2011 Houser , Hecox , Fairey ,  Black Book , Denver , CO 

 2010 URBAN ALCHEMISTS. Jonathan LeVine Gallery + Tony Goldman. Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL

 2010 Things That Make Whole. Two-person show with Ben Woodward. Blackbook Gallery. Denver, CO

 2010 Five Year Anniversary Show. Jonathan LeVine Gallery. New York, NY

 2009 Americana. Four person show with Adam Wallacavage, Doze Green, and Tara McPherson.

Choque Cultural Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil

 2009 In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor. Laguna Art Museum. Laguna Beach, CA

 2008 Hard Left. Grand Opening group exhibition. Merry Karnowsky Gallery. Berlin, Germany

 2008 Awful Mountain. Two person show with Richard Colman. White Walls. San Francisco, CA

 2007 Decade:10th Anniversary Exhibition. Merry Karnowsky Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

 2006 We’ll Make a Lover of You. Group Show. ArtCenter of South Florida. Miami, FL

 2005 Graffiti Art Auction: Benefit for Tsunami Victims. Asian Arts Initiative. Philadelphia, PA

 2005 The Drama Presents: A to Z. New Image Art Gallery. West Hollywood, CA

 2004 If I Ever Die. Subliminal Projects. Los Angeles, CA

 2004 Delinquent Boys. Plush Gallery. Dallas, TX

 2004 Philadelphia and Friends. Space 237. Toledo, OH

 2004 By the People for the People. Transport Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

 2004 Three Minutes of Happiness. Selective Hearing Gallery. San Diego, CA

 2004 Tree Trimming: The Ornament Show. Track 16 Gallery. Santa Monica, CA

 2004 Nook and Cranny. New Image Art Gallery. West Hollywood, CA

 2004 The Great (Re)Masters Show. Spector Gallery. Philadelphia, PA

 2004 Good World. Publico. Cincinatti, OH

 2004 The Lifers. 55DSL. New York, NY